And get our FREE report
"How to Bully Proof Your Child!"

And get our FREE report
"How to Bully Proof Your Child!"

Six Reasons Why EVERY Kid Should Le‍‍‍arn Martial Arts


Our reward system improves self-esteem, focus and determination. We believe every teen is a future Black Belt waiting to be earned!


Our class structure teaches kids self-discipline, courtesy, hard work, effort, teamwork, respect and individual achievement.

When a child achieves more they start to believe in themselves more and that leads to more confidence in themselves.

That's what Sentosa Martial Arts is about!

But don’t take my word for it. Read what your neighbors in Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Surprise, Glendale and Litchfield Park have to say about our school below.

I look forward to seeing your child on the mat very soon!

Jerry Laurita

Owner and Chief Instructor


3145 N. Dysart Rd. Suite #104, Avondale, AZ 85392

Discover The Secret to Building Your Child’‍‍‍s Confidence, Focus and Self Esteem to Prepare Them For School and Life!

Sentosa Martial Arts offers the widest range of age specific martial arts training for kids in Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Tolleson, Arizona

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Fun Kids Muay Thai classes in avondale, tolleson, litchfield park and goodyear, arizona at Sentosa Martial Arts.

Dear Parents,

‍‍‍‍‍‍My name is Jerry Laurita, Owner and Chief Instructor at Sentosa Martial Arts.

I started teaching Kids martial arts in 1999, and I love it.


Because, Kids are our future and as you’ll soon discover……martial arts is not just about "kicking and punching”

It’s about helping your child become a better person through their training!

In every class we teach a character development lesson that they can apply at home, school and life. They will also learn respect for themselves and others.

Your child will develop better focus… looking, listening and thinking about whats being taught… doing what their parents ask the first time is better for them….and how to work hard for what you want and to be more disciplined.

In our classes your child will develop a greater sense of pride and accomplishment through our structured curriculum, training, testing and rank advancement.

Martial Arts, Fun an‍‍‍d Fitness!

Bully Prevention and St‍‍‍ranger Awareness!

While our classes are lots of fun, we also teach the most “realistic” self defense training out there.

We teach Kids about how to deal with the bully at school and what to do when approached by a stranger.

However, the first thing we teach your child is “How to use their voice”. We teach your child the correct way to “stand” and deal with a bully in a strong confident manner.

But if the bully “touches” them in anyway they have the tools necessary to protect themselves. Why do I say “touch” because a touch becomes a push and push can be….into the corner of a locker or onto the concrete which could split their head open.

For thousands of years the ultimate goal of Martial Arts was the development and perfection of it’s practitioners character.

‍‍‍Each week we discuss a specific topic that we share through stories and quotes to help them unde‍‍‍rstand that topic and apply it in their life.

Did I Say Fun!!!

Your child will learn great martial arts, have fun and SMILE a lot too!

Ready To Get Started?‍‍‍

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Action packed classes, drills, and exercises give Kids a great full body workout.

Your child will get stronger, healthier and in better shape within just a couple weeks. Martial Arts will also help your child stay healthy and fit.

The best part about Martial Arts training is that it’s FUN!

Focus, Discipline‍‍‍, Respect and Goal Setting‍‍‍

We'll also send you our FREE PDF Report….How to Bully Proof Your Child!‍‍‍

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Our classes are a great place for Kids to meet new friends and train with kids whose parents have similar goals as you for their kids.

Our school is like a hug‍‍‍e family where we all work together and support each other.

"We are really happy with the classes and extremely grateful for all the instructors at Sentosa Martial Arts have done for our Kids especially for our son Julian who is autistic. He is now able to do something alongside his brother and sister!"

‍‍‍- Dulce Rios Espino‍‍‍za, Mom

My family has been coming to Sentosa Martial Arts for more than two years now. Master Jerry, Miss Elise, and all of the instructors are kind, caring, and dedicated to the success of their students. I also love the added bonus of learning a little ‍‍‍Thai language and culture.

‍‍‍- Kim Coats, Mom‍‍‍

Sentosa is a great martial arts school. My son has been taking Muay Thai there for two years. His strength and coordination have improved. The instructors are caring and teach with enthusiasm.

-Jody Sweeten, Mo‍‍‍‍‍‍m


Our classes help channel aggression and high energy levels in a fun, safe, challenging and engaging format. Obesity rates are climbing, and more and more kids are spending too much time in front of televisions, video games, smart phones and other technology. Balance of focus and attention is the key ingredient.  


True confidence comes from trying, failing and having the courage to get back up and try again. Our classes improve your kid’s assertiveness, communication and self-confidence by teaching them that the path to excellence and achievement is not being afraid to try and fail.


Most sport or club activities are seasonal. Martial art training is year-around. In fact it can be life long for those who take their training to the next level. Parents are challenged with multiple activities, work, home & family life on a daily basis.

We understand the desire to involve your teen in as many activities as possible. In fact, we understand kids change their minds and interests. However, we also understand that setting your teen on the journey to Black Belt creates a singular focus of achievement that you can count on, plan for and manage.


Our program balances the need for a fun exercise based activity while teaching them practical, personal responsibility, intelligent avoidance and VERY NECESSARY effective self-defense skills for today’s world at school, in the neighborhood or while hanging out with their friends.

Attending martial art classes benefits Kids affected by bullying whether they are the bully or the bullied. Placing emphasis on self-respect, respecting others and understanding personal power are great assets to empower our youth.


‍‍‍Best Martial Arts school around!!! I took my son out of another school because they were doing a horrible job of teaching him. We tried Sentosa out and in the first 10 mins I knew this was the right choice!!! The instructors are‍‍‍ phenomenal and everyone is super friendly. If you want your child to be the best of the best, this school is the right choice!!!

‍‍‍- Krystal Ramirez, Mo‍‍‍m