And get our FREE report
"9 Myths of Self Defense!"

And get our FREE report
"9 Myths of Self Defense!"


3145 N. Dysart Rd. Suite #104, Avondale, AZ 85392

‍‍‍ATTENTION: Parents

Teens NEED Martial Arts Now….More Than Ever!

Sentosa Martial Arts offers the widest range of age specific martial arts training for kids in Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Tolleson, Arizona

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Why? Well, I Think We Can Agree The Challenges Teens Face Today On A Daily Basis Warrant The Necessity Of Improved Self Confidence, Improved Communication Skills, More Self Control, Better Self Discipline And Most Definitely….Self Defense!

Dear Parents,

My name is Jerry Laurita, Owner and Chief Instructor at Sentosa Martial Arts.‍‍‍

I started teaching martial arts in 1999, and I love it.


Because, Teens are our future and as you’ll soon discover……martial arts is not just about "kicking and punching”

It’s about helping your teen become a better person through their training!

In every class they will demonstrate respect to one another by bowing and encouraging each other to train harder.Owner and Chief Instructor


Our reward system improves self-esteem, focus and determination. We believe every teen is a future Black Belt waiting to be earned!


Our class structure teaches teens self-discipline, courtesy, hard work, effort, teamwork, respect and individual achievement.


Our classes help channel aggression and high energy levels in a fun, safe, challenging and engaging format. Obesity rates are climbing, and more and more teens are spending too much time in front of televisions, video games, smart phones and other technology. Balance of focus and attention is the key ingredient  

Teens are involved in tons of activities and sports these days not to mention the daily overload of video games, cell phones and computers as w‍‍‍ell.

Let’s be honest, as great as some of these activities are for Teens…….DO they really help them to feel empowered when that BULLY on the playground, in the classroom, in the locker room or on social media pushes them around mentally, emotionally or even physically?

I don’t think so!

Teens now more than ever needs a martial arts program that will teach them realistic martial arts skills that they can use to protect themselves. Not one of these “mickey mouse run of the mill” stuff parents are given as options for martial arts. Yes, all martial arts are good BUT not all martial arts are created equally!

It’s simple. We offer an effective and practical martial arts program for Teens. At our school we‍‍‍ teach authentic Muay Thai, which includes kicking, punching, elbows, knees and clinching.

We guide our program by instilling and reinforcing home values on the mat. Muay Thai Kickboxing for Teens is a blast. Our martial art program holds them accountable to work toward EARNING rank which leads to short and long-term success.

Working toward true self worth, self value and developing LEADERSHIP QUALITIES that all parents desire for their Teens.

Our Muay Thai Program for Teens is not an MMA program. In fact, did you know Muay Thai has well over 1,500 years of history, cultural tradition and sport competition in Thailand!

Building Unstoppable Teens...With Unstoppable Futures!

Well, not here. May Thai is a LIFE ART! Core values and expectations such as self discipline, respect, accountability, responsibility, honesty, integrity, academic excellence, martial art excellence and hard work help keep us focused in our pursuit of helping your teen achieve excellence in their life.

The values and philosophy we practice is another dose of home value support while your teen is having a blast kicking and punching!

If I had my way, Martial Art would be the primary activity of all Teens able and willing. As much as some would possibly like their kid to become the next sports star in football, baseball, basketball, dance or gymnastics….the reality is very few make it to that level.

That’s what makes martial art so cool… they don’t have to be the next ESPN superstar. They don’t have to be selected on the teams to feel valued, exceptional and proud of their accomplishments. They don’t have to sit on the bench or sidelines. Martial art specifically Muay Thai Kickboxing is an individual experience in a team based environment.

Every merit earned is earned through consistency, practice, great effort, hard work and parental support. In fact, many of our Teens participate in other sports while maintaining their martial arts schedule if even on a reduced level during that sport’s season. The athleticism, coordination, speed, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, stamina and enhanced dexterity gained through martial art training will undoubtedly benefit other activities.

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Why Our Teens Martial Arts Program In Avondale, AZ?

Self Confidence Through Self Defense

Full disclosure here…“bully proof” approaches and non violent conflict resolution protocols are sometimes practical in theory but not in reality. Teens NEED toughening and the confidence gained therein.

We are qualified to speak on bully proof programs because we have taught them since 1999. But here is the fact, in our experience the best way to defeat a bully is by being CONFIDENT and FEELING EMPOWERED that they could defend themselves physically if they had to.

Muay Thai Kickboxing builds its practitioners up from A to Z. Words of power and non violent conflict resolution techniques are mandatory when teaching Teens to avoid fighting……BUT fists of fire are equally effective when necessary.

Our goal is NEVER to encourage or promote fighting but we will always do our best to ensure our Teens are fully equipped mentally, emotionally and physically to stand up for themselves if they need to.

At our school we teach in a step by step progressive manner where Teens learn realistic skills in a fun and safe manner combined with our well defined ranking system and our character development training program which is essential to them becoming more successful in school and life.

Martial Arts…..An Excell‍‍‍ent Sport Activity

Lifelong Values For A Changing World‍‍‍

When people think of martial art the first thought or vision that tends to come to mind is something physical……hitting something or possibly someone for that matter.

Our son started training when he was 9 years old now he is a teenager.....and we love it. It's like one big family and the instructors really care about the students!

‍‍‍- Diane Renteri‍‍‍a, Mom

‍‍‍Training at Sentosa Martial Arts has made both our daughter‍‍‍s Rachel and Rebecca more confident and disciplined as well as more physically active!

- Renae Geiger, Mom


I was shy when I first started Muay Thai. I was surprised on how much confidence I was building as I was progressing through the ranks thanks to my instructors. I highly recommend going to Sentosa Martial Arts!‍‍‍

Luiz Tellez, Student

This place is the greatest...each time I come here I feel like I'm at home and where the teache‍‍‍r and students really push each to train their hardest I just love coming here!

- Steven Vargas, Student

Your teen will develop better focus… looking, listening and thinking about whats being taught… doing what they need to do before they do what they want to do….and how to work hard for what you want and to be more disciplined.

In our classes your teen will develop a greater sense of pride and accomplishment through our structured curriculum, training, testing and rank advancement.

When your teen achieves more they start to believe in themselves more and that leads to more confidence in themselves.

That's what Sentosa Martial Arts is about!

But don’t take my word for it. Read what your neighbors in Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Surprise, Glendale and Litchfield Park have to say about our school below.

I look forward to seeing your teen on the mat very soon!

Jerry Laurita


Our program balances the need for a fun exercise based activity while teaching them practical, personal responsibility, intelligent avoidance and VERY NECESSARY effective self-defense skills for today’s world at school, in the neighborhood or while hanging out with their friends.

Attending martial art classes benefits Teens affected by bullying whether they are the bully or the bullied. Placing emphasis on self-respect, respecting others and understanding personal power are great assets to empower our youth.


Most sport or club activities are seasonal. Martial art training is year-around. In fact it can be life long for those who take their training to the next level. Parents are challenged with multiple activities, work, home & family life on a daily basis.

We understand the desire to involve your teen in as many activities as possible. In fact, we understand teens change their minds and interests. However, we also understand that setting your teen on the journey to Black Belt creates a singular focus of achievement that you can count on, plan for and manage.

Six Reasons Why EVERY Teen Should Learn Muay Thai


True confidence comes from trying, failing and having the courage to get back up and try again. Our classes improve your teen’s assertiveness, communication and self-confidence by teaching them that the path to excellence and achievement is not being afraid to try and fail.