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Martial Arts classes for kids in avondale

Training vs. Working Out

Jerry Laurita, March 19 2019

Everyday we have people that come to our school who are looking to lose weight or get in shape and thats GREAT!!! This is happening because people get bored with the gym easily and they want to do something more fun than running on a treadmill or lifting weights. However, I want to explain the difference between the gym and us, so you understand th...

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Martial Arts classes for kids in avondale

8 Physical Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Children

Jerry Laurita, February 22 2019

At Sentosa Martial Arts, no one is a benchwarmer….everyone participates! Here are 8 of the top physical benefits of training in Muay Thai for kids: 1.) Strength - Children develop strength in their arms, legs, and core muscles, which leads to improved confidence and better ability in other physical activities.

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Who else wants their child to know how to defend themselves from bullies?

Jerry Laurita, February 14 2019

Sure, you call the school and talk to the principal but nothing happens…they don’t do anything because most of the time the bullying happens in what I call “Shark Infested Waters” which are the bathrooms, the hallways, the lunchroom or at recess when teachers can’t see and hear everything and it is basically your child’s word against the other kids...

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50 Years From Now!

Jerry Laurita, January 30 2019

One of my favorite lines from the first Transformers movie was when Sam said "In 50 years from now when you are looking back on your life do you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?" I love that line! It reminds me that I need to always strive to make the most of my life because in 50 years from now when I am older I want to b...

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Learn it right do it right for the rest of your life!

Jerry Laurita, January 25 2019

One of the key’s to becoming great at Muay Thai or any Martial Art for that matter is building a strong foundation. As I get older and the longer I teach the more I realize the importance of having a strong foundation and its impact on a students development. When you have a strong foundation it is easy to teach you more advanced techniques and tak...

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5 Essential Listenings Skills For Kids!

Jerry Laurita, January 14 2019

It’s frustrating when our children don’t seem to listen. And when they don’t pay attention to what you are saying at home, you have to wonder what they are missing at school! In 20 years of teaching Martial Arts in our community, we’ve developed a 5 step approach to teach the skill of listening. You can easily teach these 5 steps to your child!

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Focus on What You Can Control

Jerry Laurita, January 9 2019

I wanted to share this mental training concept that I like to teach my competitors and I thought maybe you would like it. So when I am working with an athlete I want them to understand that there are things they can control and there are things they can’t control. These are all things that happen when you compete.

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Local Arizona Athlete Competes and WINS in Largest Muay Thai Tournament in America!

Gerald Laurita, June 30 2018

This past weekend over 800 Muay Thai Athletes converged on the town of Des Moines, Iowa to compete in the largest and most prestigious Muay Thai Tournament in America the TBA Classic Muay Thai World Expo. One local Arizona athlete Diego Avila who trains out of Sentosa Martial Arts in Avondale was one of the athletes to compete and WIN!!!

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Does Rank Really Matter???

Gerald Laurita, June 18 2018

Does rank REALLY matter? Lets first look at what Rank really is? Rank is a form of achievement and/or recognition. It is someone working towards learning certain material and their rank is a symbol of THEIR achievement. So many times I have someone come into my school and they say they don’t care about rank or earning belts. I also hear hardcore fi...

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Consistency is the Key to Success!!

Gerald Laurita, June 13 2018

One of the keys to success in life is consistency. Being consistent is boring and not very exciting BUT it produces high quality results. When we talk about consistency as it applies to training in Martial Arts, its two fold. It is the student that comes to class on a regular and consistent basis and who does their best each time they come to class...

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