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Martial Arts Classes For Kids In Avondale

Martial Arts classes for kids in avondale

Training vs. Working Out

Jerry Laurita, March 19 2019

Everyday we have people that come to our school who are looking to lose weight or get in shape and thats GREAT!!! This is happening because people get bored with the gym easily and they want to do something more fun than running on a treadmill or lifting weights. However, I want to explain the difference between the gym and us, so you understand th...

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Martial Arts classes for kids in avondale

8 Physical Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Children

Jerry Laurita, February 22 2019

At Sentosa Martial Arts, no one is a benchwarmer….everyone participates! Here are 8 of the top physical benefits of training in Muay Thai for kids: 1.) Strength - Children develop strength in their arms, legs, and core muscles, which leads to improved confidence and better ability in other physical activities.

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