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Gerald Laurita, June 13 2018

Consistency is the Key to Success!!

One of the keys to success in life is consistency. Being consistent is boring and not very exciting BUT it produces high quality results.

When we talk about consistency as it applies to training in Martial Arts, its two fold. It is the student that comes to class on a regular and consistent basis and who does their best each time they come to class that improves the fastest.

So many times in the past I have had new students that were all Gung Ho and came to class 5 days a week. Then after a month or two they got burned out and quit.

The reason is because they went too fast and hard right out of the gate and it interfered with their life. The truth is for the average student whether they are a child or an adult with a family and job, twice a week is plenty.

Anymore than that especially in the beginning will create an undue pressure and strain on your life and you will eventually quit. You have to build up to that type of schedule where you come more than twice a week. You have to get used to coming to class and so does your family.

Going fast and hard in the beginning is the reason most people never achieve their new years goals and why 90% of the people that join gyms quit going after a couple of months.

If you want to get the best results from your Martial Arts training I recommend you come to class just twice a week for the first 6 months. If you are able to manage adding more classes per week after this initial 6 months....awesome!!!!

Written by

Gerald Laurita

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