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Gerald Laurita, June 18 2018

Does Rank Really Matter???

Does rank REALLY matter?

Lets first look at what Rank really is?

Rank is a form of achievement and/or recognition. It is someone working towards learning certain material and their rank is a symbol of THEIR achievement.

So many times I have someone come into my school and they say they don’t care about rank or earning belts. I also hear hardcore fighters say that belts don’t mean anything.

Maybe to them it doesn’t. However, in my experience the people that say they don’t care about rank usually care more about rank than most other people (they just don't want to admit it) and if they truly don’t they care about rank, they desire some other form of recognition.

Even if you don't care about rank you and all you care about is KNOWLEDGE you should still use earning rank as a form of motivation to learn and master something in a timely manner.

Look at the professional MMA fighter, Boxer or Muay Thai Fighter.....they train their butts off day in and day out for years for one shot at becoming a Champion and winning a Championship BELT...now that’s a REALLY big BELT.

Hmmm.....I guess they DO care about belts...just a different type.

No matter what profession someone is in or what sport someone plays. Every human being desires recognition and achievement.

High School Graduate - Diploma

College Grads - Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree

Doctors - Dr. before their name and Phd. at the end and they get a Diploma

Lawyers - Esq. at the end of their name and Diploma

Baseball Players - All want to be World Series Champions

Football Players - All want to be Superbowl Champions

MMA Fighters - All want to be UFC Champions

Boxers - All want o be World Champions

Actors - They all want to get “Paid” and win an Emmy or Oscar

Moms - All moms want to see their kids be successful

Dads - They want the big piece of chicken at dinner

I know for myself, I LOVE training in Martial Arts and I LOVE when I am given a certain set of requirements to learn and I can earn a new certificate or rank.

It fuels my passion for Martial Arts and when I earn a new certificate or rank, I feel a deep sense of pride.

My point is...NO matter who we are we all desire achievement and recognition.

Written by

Gerald Laurita

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