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Jerry Laurita, January 9 2019

Focus on What You Can Control

I wanted to share this mental training concept that I like to teach my competitors and I thought maybe you would like it.

So when I am working with an athlete I want them to understand that there are things they can control and there are things they can’t control.

These are all things that happen when you compete. 

But HOW they respond to them is what counts!

I tell them there are only 2 things you can control when you compete and that is their Breathing and their Performance.

The first and most important thing everyone can control is their…..BREATHING

Breathing allows them to think and perform at a high level.

I know it sounds simple but its not. 

When people are under pressure or in a stressful situation they start to get hurried breathing and if your breathing is out of control so will your emotions and performance be out of control.

I tell them to take 3 slow deep breaths (More if they need) and try to find an object or words in the distance that they can focus on. When they can clearly make them out then they should have their breathing under control.

Once they have their breathing under control they can then start to control their performance.

But the same concept holds true for everyday life.

All you can control is how you react to them and the first thing you need to do that... is to control your breathing.

Once you do that you can begin to think clearly and without anger.

I hope you enjoyed this tip for the day!

Until Next Time, Train Hard, Have Fun and Grow!

Written by

Jerry Laurita


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