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Jerry Laurita, January 25 2019

Learn it right do it right for the rest of your life!

One of the key’s to becoming great at Muay Thai or any Martial Art for that matter is building a strong foundation.

As I get older and the longer I teach the more I realize the importance of having a strong foundation and its impact on a students development. 

When you have a strong foundation it is easy to teach you more advanced techniques and take your skills to the next level. However, If you add too much stuff to a WEAK foundation it will quickly become apparent when stress or pressure is applied.

There is a saying.... “Learn it Right, Do it Right For The Rest of Your Life.....Learn it Wrong and You Will Spend The Rest of Your Life TRYING to Get it Right!”

In my opinion the key element to becoming great at Muay Thai is your stance and footwork. Now I am not saying you can’t learn how to punch or kick until your stance is 100% perfect.....BUT what I am saying should FOCUS on developing and maintaining your stance when training rather than how hard you punch or kick the bag or pads.

When you have a weak stance in Muay Thai it will become evident during sparring or when you are forced to move around a lot and punch and kick against someone who is attacking you. 

Your feet will come together or they will become to wide, either way it will make it hard for you to defend and counter with your punches or kicks with speed, power and good technique and more importantly to defend yourself when you are under stress.

I know for most people the foundations are “easy” or “boring” but I PROMISE you.... if you focus on developing a strong foundation in the beginning it will pay huge dividends later in your training and it will make it easier to learn the more advanced techniques and you will have more fun.

Until Next Time, Train Hard, Have Fun and Grow!

Written by

Jerry Laurita


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