Sentosa Martial Arts offers a wide range of martial arts classes for kids, teens and adults



"We are really happy with the classes and extremely grateful for all the instructors at Sentosa Martial Arts have done for our Kids especially for our son Julian who is autistic. He is now able to do something alongside his brother and sister!"

- Dulce Rios Espinoza, Mom

Best Martial Arts school around!!! I took my son out of another school because they were doing a horrible job of teaching him. We tried Sentosa out and in the first 10 mins I knew this was the right choice!!! The instructors are phenomenal and everyone is super friendly. If you want your child to be the best of the best, this school is the right choice!!!

- Krystal Ramirez, Mom

Bring your child in to experience the most exciting Martial Arts Classes for Kids in Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye and Litchfield Park!

Kids love learning Muay Thai at Sentosa Martial Arts. Our classes are interactive, high energy and fun.

Our goal at Sentosa Martial Arts is to build our students self-esteem and confidence by teaching in a step-by-step system of learning that increases with intensity as they progress through the ranks which acknowledges and rewards effort, attitude and technical skill.

Learning Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a physical activity, involving all muscle groups that helps students develop a strong mind and a healthy body.

At Sentosa Martial Arts, we use Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a tool to develop good character and other positive life skills in our students.

Our K ids Classes emphasize the personal development aspects of life through training such as:

  • Finish what you start and do a great job
  • Do your best and don’t make excuses
  • Consider the consequences of my choices
  • Be coachable and listen
  • Encourage others and be positive
  • Respect each others differences

These valuable life lessons help our students understand the connection between what they learn in class and how to apply it in the real-world.

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Empower Your Child With Unstoppable Confidence and The Habit of Success With Our Kids Program!

My family has been coming to Sentosa Martial Arts for more than two years now. Master Jerry, Miss Elise, and all of the instructors are kind, caring, and dedicated to the success of their students. I also love the added bonus of learning a little Thai language and culture.

- Kim Coats, Mom

-Jody Sweeten, Mom

Sentosa is a great martial arts school. My son has been training there for two years. His strength and coordination have improved. The instructors are caring and teach with enthusiasm.


Q: Will martial arts make my child agressive?

”No, actually, martial arts makes kids calmer and more respectful than ever. Martial arts always has always been about respect.

Q: Can my child get hurt training in martial arts?

“As a parent, I'm sure you've seen that kids can get injured doing just about anything. Martial arts is no different, however we take safety very seriously here. Yes, injuries do sometimes happen. But we do everything in our power to avoid them.”

Q: My child has never played any other sports before and is not physically fit. Can they still learn Martial Arts?

”Yes, in fact, martial arts is often perfect for kids who don't excel at team sports. Kids who have trouble in baseball, basketball, etc. often come to martial arts and do extremely well. And it's okay if your child is not in shape right now. Through our classes, they'll get in great shape and become athletic.”

Q: Are martial arts classes fun?

”Yes, Martial Arts by nature is fun with all the punches and kicks. Plus, we do a variety of drills that fun but develop real martial arts skills and we use fun games and activities to build reflexes and coordination that have kids laughing, and constantly smiling. We work hard here - but we play hard too.

Q: What's a good age for a child to start martial arts?

”Honestly, practically every age is a good age to start! However, we start children as young as 4 years old, as well as teenagers. So no matter where your child’s age - we've got you covered. By the way we offer family classes too where your whole family can train together.”

Q: Is martial arts just for boys or can girls learn too?

”Martial arts are for boys and girls. Our classes have a good mix of both. So if you're worried about your girl being alone in a group of boys, wipe that worry from your mind!”