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Teens NEED Martial Arts Now….More Than Ever!

Why? Well, I Think We Can Agree The Challenges Teens Face Today On A Daily Basis Warrant The Necessity Of Increased Self Confidence, Improved Communication Skills, More Self Control, Better Self Discipline And Most Definitely….Self Defense!

Today teens face challenges on a daily basis that warrant the necessity of improved self confidence, increased communication skills, more self control, better self discipline and most definitely self defense!!

Teens are involved in tons of activities these days not to mention the daily overload of video games, cell phones, computers and social media.

Let’s be honest, as great as some of these activities are for teens…….DOES it  really help them “feel” empowered when they are bullied physically, mentally or emotionally in the classroom, in the locker room or on social media? I don’t think so!!!

At Sentosa Martial Arts not only will your teen learn Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which are realistic self defense systems they can use to protect themselves against a physical attack but how to deal with the emotional bullying as well as the personal development skills necessary to face life challenges:

  • Be willing to stand alone & do the right thing
  • Find a way to help others and not hide
  • Face challenges and don't be discouraged
  • Be tolerant of each others differences
  • Keep my commitments and follow through

Combined with our well defined testing and ranking system will help your teen become more successful in school and in life.

Training at Sentosa Martial Arts has made both our daughters Rachel and Rebecca more confident and disciplined as well as more physically active!

This place is the greatest...each time I come here I feel like I'm at home and where the teacher and students really push each to train their hardest I just love coming here!

- Luiz Tellez, Student

- Renae Geiger, Mom

Our son started training when he was 9 years old now he is a teenager.....and we love it. It's like one big family and the instructors really care about the students!

- Diane Renteria, Mom

I was shy when I first started Muay Thai. I was surprised on how much confidence I was building as I was progressing through the ranks thanks to my instructors. I highly recommend going to Sentosa Martial Arts!

- Steven Vargas, Student